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Our Company

Hygienequip is the leading supplier of hygiene equipment and consumables in South Africa.  By choice, we supply hygiene equipment from coordinated ranges and consumables of proven quality.  Our range includes soap dispensers, stainless steel soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, waste paper bins, hot air dryers, she bins, sanitary bins, urinal dispensers, air freshners, sanitisers, toilet paper holders, toilet paper, Pmats, urinal mats and a wide range of consumables.  We also do CONTRACT RENTALS - for more information click HERE.

Click on the "Download" buttons to see the full range of equipment brochure or individual product brochures.

Below each item is an "Use with the following" section, detailing which consumable/product combination you will require.

CONFUSED BY THE CHOICE?  Give our hotline number a call and we will guide you through it: 082 666 3323

Why Choose Hygienequip ?

We offer:

  • An installation servivce and FREE training on the use of our hygiene equipment and consumables
  • A FREE consultation service
  • Our "RECOMMENDED" products come with a 5 year guarantee
  • Product Safety Data Sheets
  • Product Range brochures
  • Individual product brochures
  • Installation instructions
  • The LOWEST delivery costs
  • A level 4 BBBEE Value Added certificate - you get 125% recognition on all purchases from us
  • Turnkey solutions - advice, products, installations and training

 Mission Statement

Our company is founded on exceptional business ethics and passion for client satisfaction. We aim to be the leader in our market, which encompasses all aspects of washroom hygiene, equipment and servicing.  The key elements to our success are to uphold the principles of service excellence, quality, integrity, respect and fairness to both the suppliers and clients.

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